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🌷EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH🌷: Tatisnailsxoxo The Nail Tech Growing💅🏾

I know I haven't been blogging for ages but what can i do? i had tons of school work and exams but now since I'am in the VACATION MODE, I'am Back with AN EXTREMELY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH A NAIL TECH GROWING!!! since i have been so obsessed with my -kinda- long nails - that doesn't stay long for one week- , i decided to interview  one of the most famous Instagram influencer and licensed nail technician to be featured on HV blog and tell us what we have been missing in nails growing field <3
Who is the girl behind Tati's Nails?

Tahtiana:  ok ! So Hi, my name is Tahtiana and I’m 21! I live in North Carolina! And I am a licensed nail technician who actually grows my real nails and has my own natural nail line! 

when did u start your nail tech growing journey?I actually started growing my nails in Se…

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