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Monday, 28 August 2017

#BTSseries – Warning! School Head-start ahead!

school is here!! time for Back To School series, so i thought i can collaborate with Hadel Noqali from Unicorns Planet! go check her out noww! and to the post down below :D 

My Part! (Written by Hanna Tawfik)

Sadly summer is ending , but to be honest I start missing school, my friends and my back to school posts. That’s why I will be writing back to school post about 3 topics:

   * Favorite music that keeps me positive and energized
   * Favorite school supplies and products
   * My before-school night routine

so lets enroll now!

* Favorite music that keeps me positive and energized

A lot of people hear music to focus on studying and their homework but that doesn’t 
mean that music help focusing for all students, for me, I cant focus while iam hearing music, it distracts me so easily. So you should know if you are good with hearing music while studying or you prefer silent and calm environment while studying. But I love hearing music at the end of the day while iam preparing my bag for the next day. Music in this part of day is so good for resting your brain from your school day efforts and relaxing you before you sleep. I will show you my school playlist of all songs that I love!

You can click on the picture above to view and download my full playlist for school on youtube! Let me know which one is your favorite  in the comments below

 * Favorite school supplies and products

 Whenever I go on a back to school shopping day, I focus my eyes on my fav supplies that are the most important ones for me, I will show you my mains!:


-    Girly backpack (from PINK): I spend too much time looking for the perfect backpack of my dreams, generally I love dark colors like Violette ( My fav <3) and deep red, and PINK backpacks took off the stage , I love their style that makes me confused which one should I buy? They are so tumblr and cute and very appropriate for school

      Jansport backpacks: those are so popular school backpacks, I guess all of us got a one at the bottom of their wardrobe, basically they are so trendy ,all of their styles are brilliant, they so light to carry on and got a simple design with few spaces and zippers and so easy to carry around

     Kankens: they are brand new backpacks and it really ruled over the world of backpacks and every teen got a one. I saw many videos reviewing the bag and the bags look so cute and trendy. The brand is German and my mom used to have a one when she was in kg so I guess it was a trend in 80's and it showed up again as many other stuff did ( tattoo chokers, bootcut pants, crop stripped shirts)

  #inky Pens:

Generally, I Love thick ball point and  board inky pens, they are so smooth on paper, easy to write with when your I hurry and they are bold which makes my writings clear and tidy. And no squeaking while writing xD

Bic pens: my favourite pens brand! I recommend it for all student because they totally perfect, starting from bold font to the comfort in writing

·       Black Rubbers:
Fabercastle: black rubbers erase well without tearing the paper apart and without leaving any marks

·      Labello lipgloss/Balms
One of my favorite lipbalms care, I carry it everywhere, it keeps my lips soft and moisturized all the day, there are a lot of colors and favors but I use mint only at school because we are not allowed to put make up at all

School books are crazy expensive (we all know that) and every year we waste hundred of dollars on them while we can buy it cheaper than ever on, it got a friendly website and you just need to type your books name and then find the most suitable price for you if you are on a budget

·      Colored notebooks
If your teachers ask you to bring notebooks with every subject specific color then here you are! Colored notebooks are so useful because it helps you differentiate the notebooks so you don’t forget one at home or switch one with other and pretty easy to grab the notebook from ur bag without getting all of the notebooks outside the bag and crowd ur desk!   

·      Metallic pens by Staedtler :
I found those pens at  local store and  really liked them, they are so useful if you wanna underline something important or taking notes ( incase if you don’t like highlighters like me) highlighters makes me blind..

·      MOST IMPORTANT SUPPLY EVER! * Extra plan notebook *
We all forget our notebooks at somepoint of the year! So you can save yourself with your extra EMPTY notebook!!! incase if you forgot your notebook, you don’t need to tell your teacher you forgot it while you can pretend you didn’t forget it in your home by writing in your extra notebook –as nothing happened- just make sure that the notebook isnt for other subject or class because you gonna mess it all up and you will be ending at the principal office ( I WARNED YAALLL) and your mission will be WASTED!

~ My b4 –school night routine:
I need to say something really important about that day…The truth about it  - in 3 amazing points- :

1.  My parents get nervous and keep rushing us and everything with some screaming and yelling at me for no reason

2.  I get sad and start crying , realizing I wasted summer on nothing,  stayed my lazy ass at home all the summer, didn’t get a tan, didn’t buy my dream swimsuit, didn’t learn anything, didn’t make any progress, didn’t meet new people ( my life)

3.  My poker face is ready for all people at school tomorrow, getting trapped in my negative-bubble thinking, (I wont understand that lesson, I wont even pass that year) before even the teacher starts explaining a word..

But after all of this, I still got a routine and I will be showing it for you all. Hope you enjoy xx

·      Waking Up : realizing it will be the last day of summer ( omg that sentence tears my heart apart T-T), climbing down my bed ( dunk bed), and I already feel tired -_-

·       Cleans my room: especially my desk! Cleaning out all of my art supplies to replace them with my school stuff. Saying goodbye for all my summer clothes *cries* and put inside my winter sweaters and jackets.

·      Decorating my schoolbooks : every year I buy color covers for my books to facilitate knowing which book for which class ( free-confusing color covers for schoolbooks)  and writing my  name HANNA on the cover with my metallic pen ( I mentioned earlier) and tries to be tumblr and do some diys , ending at my local store again to buy new ones.

·      Preparing my backpack: shoving all my supplies in the bag and the "going back to hell mashed backpack" is ready

my routine is done as well as the whole post xD but
before i finish i need to say some points about why 
my school is probably an "extra burning hell" than 

your school!

* if you hate your school then you should think twice after reading this

1- We wear uniforms: pfft alot of schools got uniforms...but ours is GREEN (think of it...all the school is green even the buildings)

 2- No Lockers : and yes you gonna carry ur heavy bag all the day till your backbone screams from pain

3- No Phones at all: you cant even bring a damn Nokia in your bag 

4- disagree on anything and you will be in principal's office : DEAD

5- that point will make you throw up: we got no mixed classes, boys and girls cant talk together in school, the playground is separated with cones between boys and girls ( so u cant even glance at them)

PS: not all of the schools in Egypt are that strict -but ours is-

and to Hadel's part:

 Let’s be honest, sometimes we just enter a class and everyone has the same stationary as you, and you exchange a glance that says “Carrefour huh?”. Sad, we’ve been there too, what about being lazy?… This year Hanna Tawfik and I will make sure that we both take over the school and will have unique stationary going back to school, let’s go! Shall we?

Hadel Noqali

  1. Go To PaperChase!
If you are too lazy to D.I.Y, go to PaperChase. My favorite place, just obsession, although their stuff is a bit pricey, it’s pretty durable and could be used for another time! The sell really unique items, and they just look pleasing to the eye! And here is a collection YOU should go shop for! They have everything from holographic backpacks to prism-like pens to scented eraser collection. Did I mention that they change themes a lot? (I swear this isn’t sponsored XD although I wish ).

  1. Make your own!
I have a couple of ieas and to see pictures later, keep up with the Uni.Pla Instagram feed, anyhow here  they are!

  1. Glitter backpack:- Sometimes you find an old branded backpack, that is either fully black/white and with the brand name someplace, or a HUGE brand name and only little white/black, I’m here to fix it for you! (I’m not really fixing it, you are, but like, NEVER MIND). 
  • Get a loose glitter color, that plain backpack, tape (prefer wide ones), paint brush/craft sponge and wet glue.
  • If your logo is placed somewhat like the first picture, start with covering around that logo and the inside text with tape, apply wet glue on the logo, and slowly apply glitter.
  • If you need more glitter, apply another layer of glue after the first one dries, and repeat with the glitter step. I usually wait 10 hours for the glue to be completely dry and glitter won’t fall as much.
  • Tip: If you don’t want glitter to fall that mutch, wait until the second layer dries, and aply another layer of glue
Idea: Me!
  1. Ribbon Pencil case
  • Now to match with your backpack, we need a modern way to hold your school supplies, and how? Bring a ribbon roll matching your backpack, ruler, black pen, scissors, double sided foam tape, and your school supplies.
  • First of all, lay the ribbon on your work space, measure 5 cm from the end of  the ribbon, and 15 cm from the ribbon roll, and start measuring your school supplies left and right, from the roll’s side (DON’T USE YOUR SCISSORS YET DON’T CUT ANYTHING!)
  • After you are done, add double sided tape in the supplies measurements (basically fill in the supplies measurements).
  • Now stick your school supplies cut the ribbon away from the roll,  roll the excess ribbon around the supplies, and grab the two ends (top and bottom), add a double sided tape on one of them, stick the last end, and you are done! (Pictures coming soon I promise).
Idea: Me :)
  1. Gemstone erasers :- Another way to have cool stationary (don’t worry, I’ll work it through the ribbon case), change the typical eraser into bedazzled gemstones!
  • You’ll need: slicone craft glue(I found it in Carrefour) , eraser shavings, baby powder, chalk, and gemstone molds (use any, even uf ut’s for cookie making or soap making, still works)
  • Firist, make a lot of eraser shavings by erasing nothing  and a lot of chalk pouder just by drawing on nothing for the powder.
  • Next, put silicone glue on your work space, and add baby powder on the silicone until it becomes a clay texture. Add on the eraser shavings and chalk powder you made on the silicone.
  • Repeat these steps to have different colored eraser clay and put the in different positions in one mold, Make sure it looks flat, not bumpy. Leave it for 2 hours and take it out of the mold, look at your erasing gemstones!
Idea inspired by: Rclbeauty101
  1. Pastel quoted pencils: What’s better than having a pencil to give you inspiration, or plainly have your name endorsed to it?  (I don’t know, I thinks it’s cool, I’m not Nike, it’s your choice XD).
  • You need: Any pencil (Prefer the round ones), Pastel paint (If you have normal paint, make it pastel by adding small portions of white paint until you get the desired color), paint brush, quoted sticker or if you want your name on it, small letters and clear tape.
  • First, cover the eraser top with tape, then paint the whole pencil your desired colour, and wait to dry
  • After it dries, add the quotes/letters neatly, then add clear tape to hug the hole pecil giving it a top coat like look. Finally remove the eraser tape and done!
Idea: inspired by a couple of pinterest post
  1. Bead Pen: Unique inside ink tube instead of plain black! You’ll need: small beads with big hole and pen with suitable sized ink tube!
  • Start by taking the ink tube out of the pen, and simply drop the beads in one by one, put the tube back in the pen and you are done!
  • If you need to make the pen’s hole stronger or the beads, burn a toothpick place it in the hole and start spinning it in a stirring type of motion and it will start to expand

Idea: Me :D

Did you enjoy this collaboration post? Do you want to collaborate with me or Hadel Noqali contact me throught email or direct message me on Instagram

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